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Services and Products

Geothermal drilling

For several years now, our company has been providing drilling services for the installation of geothermal heating systems. We work closely with companies specializing in the sale of these systems so our teams have extensive knowledge of the preparation required for thermal conductivity and diffusivity in any type of soil, whether it is for a residential or commercial project.

The installation of a geothermal heating system is increasingly being recommended as a solution for obtaining a low-cost source of renewable energy.  According to the industry, a geothermal heating system can help you save 70% on your heating bill.  

To take advantage of this heat (cool air), liquid is circulated in an underground pipe using a heat pump. The liquid will heat up (or cool down in the summer) underground as it travels the length of the pipe. When it reaches the heat pump, the pump will raise the temperature of the liquid and redirect it to the house. This provides a heating/cooling system that is particularly economical, ecological and efficient.

To find out more about geothermal energy, visit the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition Web site.


You may be able to take advantage of two grant programs offered by Hydro-Qubec and Natural Resources Canada (up to $5,500 in grants). Contact them to find out if you qualify.

Hydro-Qubec (Rno-climat)

Federal Government (Eco-action)

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